Oliver Zeigermann, SciPy 2018 Austin – Understanding Machine Learning

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„Understanding Machine Learning by Looking at Simple Visualizations“

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 101

Understanding Machine Learning by Looking at Simple Visualizations
Speaker: Oliver Zeigermann
Scientific Computing with Python, Austin, Texas July 9-15, 2018
SciPy 2018 – Talks and Posters
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, University of Texas campus in Austin

Machine Learning can be extremely helpful, but at the same time very hard to get into. So if you are either struggling to understand it yourself or want to help others understanding it, visualizations can be extremely helpful.

We embrace this idea and by looking at plots of a single, simple and intuitive data set we will explain the core concepts and Learning strategies.

The concepts include the difference between programming and machine learning, validation, and over- and underfitting. We will also cover k-nearest neighbors and neural networks.

Scipy 2018

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