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Crowdsourcing Architecture

„Crowdsourcing Software Architecture: The Distributed Architect“ – Stefan Toth at the SATURN Conference, Denver 2017

Software architects need to have it all: exceptional technological know-how, up-to-date programming experience, good people skills, ability to abstract, knowledge of important architectural styles and tactics, and visionary leadership. It has always been difficult to find all of these aspects in a single person. This talk introduces alternatives to the classic role of the software architect that showed a boost in delivery speed, overall product quality and organizational flexibility in real-life projects of various domains.
(SATURN 2017 – YouTube video & slides)

AGILA – Agile Software Architecture

CPSA-Advanced AGILA – 3-day-workshop with Stefan Toth in Vienna

In this seminar you will experience how agile principles change the way we work on software architectures and how architectural practices are embedded into agile processes and methods like Scrum. New techniques, interesting ideas and good practices are introduced in small batches as we iteratively make our way through a sample project. (Workshop language: English)

Design software systems and their architecture according to agile principles:

21.- 23. November 2018 AGILA, Vienna
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