O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2016: Reverse-Evaluating Netflix‘ Architecture

By 19. April 2016 Publikationen, Vorträge
„Reverse-Evaluating Netflix‘ Architecture“


Reverse-evaluating Netflix‘ architecture
Speaker: Stefan Toth
O’Reilly-Software-Architecture-Conference, April 11–13, 2016
Session: Wednesday, April 13th, 3:35pm–4:25pm NY local time
New York, NY

Download presentation slides (PDF)

Netflix is built on modern, efficient and robust architectural concepts. Should we follow their lead and refactor our systems into Microservices, split up big databases, or use polyglot approaches? We conducted an inverse architecture evaluation to find answers. Coming from the known architectural approaches we extracted those requirements and quality attributes that would give you a perfect fit.

presentation slides (PDF)

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