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„Hands-on-lab: Machine Learning for Software Developers“






The idea of machine learning is to teach a system from given data rather than to program it from scratch. It is best suited when the problem at hand is hard to specify, but you have a lot of example solutions and solving the problem can tolerate some error or uncertainty. It can thus be a great addition to the skills of any software developer. Once you understand what machine learning can do you will see a lot of potential in the data you encounter every day.

In this hands-on lab you will get a good understanding of how machine learning is different from classic software development and make first experiments using Scikit-learn and TensorFlow. There will be exercises on paper and in code using Python, but no previous knowledge of Python or machine learning is required.

„Will Machine Learning kill Business Logic?“






Business Logic has always been very tedious to write and maintain at best and feels random and ad-hoc ad worst. Often we express large and growing sets of rules using nested if statements or similar constructs. Both form and content are often questionable, though. Could it be there are better solutions?

In this talk we will discuss when Machine Learning might be the better option and which tools you would use. You will see actual code based on a real world example.

Oliver Zeigermann - Will Machine Learning kill Business Logic?

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