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By 1. Mai 2018 September 24th, 2018 Artikel, Inhaltliches
Monoliths, Microservices and Modularity


In this article, I want to have a look at this expected advantages, and if the microservice architectural style does live up to its expectations. Especially when compared to monolithic architectures. To do so, we are still lacking the definition of the term „Monolith.“ Some use that term for software, that grew to a total mess, completely lacking any structure. For this, I will rather use the term „Big Ball of Mud“ (BBoM). A monolith according to my definition is rather a software, built with one technology and based on modules that interact using the mechanisms of the particular technology they are built with. So the difference between microservices and monoliths is, that in a microservice architecture the modules are distributed, whereas in a monolith they are not. A BBoM can be distributed too, so this is certainly not a unique selling point of monolithic architectures.

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