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Meet Oliver Zeigermann at the ML and AI Conference in London, 15. – 17. October 2018:

„Introduction to Machine Learning with Sklearn and TensorFlow“

Minds Mastering Machines London 2017

This workshop introduces you to the basics of machine learning. In the first part we begin with the fundamental concepts and train classic machine learning models using sklearn.

In the second part you will learn what neural networks and deep learning are all about. We will start with simple models and then turn to the idea of convolutional neural networks for image recognition. This will be done using TensorFlow.

Exercises will be on paper and in prepared Python notebooks, no need for any installation.

„tensorflow.js – Why the Browser and Machine Learning are a perfect match“

Minds Mastering Machines London 2017

Tensorflow.js (tensorflow.org) brings TensorFlow style machine learning to the browser. You define Machine Learning problems using JavaScript and push them over for fast computation to any GPU using WebGL. Or you train your model on a standard TensorFlow stack using high performance GPUs, convert the model and use it in the browser for prediction or transfer learning.

This might not sound like a big deal, but tight integration of Machine Learning with all the things that make the web great opens up a whole new world of applications in the areas of education, deployment, visualization, gaming, development, and overall UX. You will also learn how to do your own experiments. Oliver will show that Machine Learning in the Browser is not a toy. What are the possibilities of ML in the browser.


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