Global Software Architecture Summit 2020 – Evolutionary architectures and fitness functions

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Fitness function patterns supporting evolutionary architectures
Speaker: René Weiss
Global Software Architecture Summit – GSAS 2020
Date: planned October 2020
Hotel Alimara, Barcelona, Spain (Venue)


Since the publication of the book „Building Evolutionary Architectures” (Neil Ford, Patrick Kua, Rebecca Parsons)  the term and the ideas behind evolutionary architectures gain more and more attention.
But what does it mean to create an evolutionary architecture? How can fitness functions, or let’s call them architectural tests, help to create an architecture, that can evolve incrementally?
Bringing the idea of „reusable patterns“ to the world of evolutionary architectures and fitness functions should help attendees to start using them in their environment. Using the „right“ architectural tests is key to drive the evolution of your system’s architecture.
Attendees will learn how to choose the „right“ ones for them as well as how to maintain an overview of their fitness functions. Finally, how the creation and maintenance of fitness functions can be embedded within iterative software development processes will conclude the talk.


GSAS 2020



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