DZone Article – Visibility Metrics and the Importance of Hiding Things

By 2. Oktober 2018 November 21st, 2018 Artikel, Publikationen
Visibility Metrics and the Importance of Hiding Things


Why is it important to hide the things a module contains from its consumers in microservice architecture? Hiding things is important when designing a sustainable architecture. There are a couple of ways to hide internal structures and design decisions from the outside world and from the consumers of a modules API. These days, microservices are very popular. The microservice community argues, that distribution over the network is the one and only way to actually hide the internals of modules (here services). We just need to take a quick look at good old Java, where we already have plenty of options for hiding, even without using tools or proprietary libraries.

Controlling this by using metrics and maybe even tool support can be crucial for success. Just recently I was wondering, how to measure how well a piece of software is in hiding things. Surprisingly there was no software metric and no tool so far that offered a possibility to measure this. The Visibility Metrics described in the article helped me to solve the problem.. more

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