Agile Architecture – architecture cheat sheet No. 6 – (English version)

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Architecture cheat sheet No. 6: Agile Architecture

Architecture cheat sheet No. 6: Agile Architecture (English version)
author: Stefan Toth und René Weiss
cheat sheet collection, No. 6,  PDF, 4 pages

Download cheat sheet No. #6

Software architecture in an agile context becomes more dynamic, smaller-scaled and more distributed. An agile mindset creates cross-functionality, flexibility, and the ability to work iteratively. How does this change architectural work? Communication and ad-hoc decisions are more difficult in large scale development environments. How can agile architectural work be done in a reasonable fashion?

This cheat sheet No. 6 summarises the most important aspects.

  • How does a central agile idea influence architectural work?
  • How much up-front architectural work is reasonable?
  • How can architecture help to scale agile methods?
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